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Compared to the free version, the commerical version of XEphem adds the following advantages:

Inquiries regarding commercial applications, large quantities or special considerations are welcome. Send a description of your situation to us at


XEphem is produced as 3 large compressed tar files. The same files serve Linux, MacOS X and all other UNIX-like systems.

Each file includes an easy-to-use installation script for Linux or other UNIX and a standard Mac Package for use with the OSX Package Installer. File 1 contains everything needed for a complete XEphem installation except that files 2 and 3 contain the Hubble GSC which is a stellar catalog with some 450 million stars complete to magnitude 18.5. Each file is about 500 MB.

We do not support XEphem on Microsoft Windows. However, depending on your skills and ambition, you might be able to get it to work yourself by compiling the free source code using porting tools such as Cygwin or MKS Toolkit. We can go so far as to say that occasionally we do build XEphem using both these tools to make sure there are no significant problems. We also verify that all the supporting catalogs, images and other auxiliary files beyond the executable itself are compatible with these tools. So building the executable from source code is up to you, but once that is running everything else will work fine. We can also mention that linux and Windows coexist very well using VirtualBox.


The following table lists the catalogs included with the commercial version of XEphem 3.7. Together these add up to approximately half a billion stars (that's an average of 3 stars per square arc minute), one million deep sky objects, 250 thousand minor planets and several spacecraft.

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