Elwood Charles Downey

email: ecdowney@ClearSkyInstitute.com

Last updated May 2009

Career Emphasis:
Major Strengths and Experiences:

Systems Engineering
6 years writing SOWs; contracting officer - technical representative; proposal evaluation; project integration, coordination and oversight
Principle Application Domains
20 years Astronomy control systems; 8 years Medical Imaging; 2 years Avionics; 2 years antenna and RF design.
Technical Instruction
6 years teaching classes on advanced UNIX, C, Java, sh, X Window System and Motif
Digital Communications
20 years shared memory, DMA, ethernet, ISDN, RS232/485, TCP/IP sockets, UDP, RPC, ssh, HTTP, fiber optics
Graphics & Image Processing
15 years custom hardware and software, algorithms and applications, 3D modeling, voxels
Graphical User Interfaces
10 years X Window System, Motif, Qt, Java Swing, tk, design and implementation
Chief Software Engineer
12 years capturing systems requirements, leading design, implementation and deployment
Real-Time Embedded Control
12 years event-driven, embedded, motion control, drivers, anti-jerk, Nucleus, µC/OS, PSOS, stand-alone C
UNIX and C
30 years applications, drivers, kernel work; PDP11, Vax, x86, dual core, MC680x0, PPC; Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X
Design Methodologies
20 years structured, rapid-prototyping, object-oriented
Astronomy fundamentals
20 years controlling telescopes, CCD cameras; photometry, astrometry, ephemerides calculations.
Programming Languages
30 years C, Perl, HTML, XML, Java (J2SE and J2ME), postscript, tcl/tk, C++
RF Fundamentals
2 years designing and testing antennas, from LF to microwave; NEC numerical modeling; numerous ham radio antennas.

Employment History:
Senior Member of Technical Staff. Responsible for systems overview, testing and detailed software design and implementation for 2m-class telescopes and high performance defensive weapon gimbals.

Other Interests:

US Citizen.
References available upon request.

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